Prices in Egypt

Los precios en Egipto son bastante económicos, especialmente si los comparamos con los europeos. Descubre cuánto cuestan los principales productos y organiza el presupuesto de tu viaje.

Just like in other similar destinations, the price that many a tourist pays is not the same as the 'local price' (although for them too, they're often elevated). Haggling is expected, and is commonplace.

Here are some examples for common products:

Food and Drink

  • Bottle of water: 3.60 LE (US$ 0.10)
  • Soft drink: 5.30 LE (US$ 0.20)
  • Coffee: 20 LE (US$ 0.60)
  • Bottle of milk: 14 LE (US$ 0.50)
  • Lunch in a local restaurant: 60 LE (US$ 1.90)


  • 4 hour horse and cart ride around Luxor: 100 LE (US$ 3.20)
  • Taxi journey in Cairo: between 10 LE (US$ 0.30) and 20 LE (US$ 0.60)

Museums and Monuments


A night in a hotel in central Cairo: from 250 LE (US$ 8.10)