Where to Stay in Egypt

Where to Stay in Egypt

Before booking your trip, make sure you know where the best places are to stay in Egypt, whether hostels, hotels, resorts or cruise ships.

Hotels in Egypt

Egypt has a wide range of accommodation options available, from very very basic budget hostels and hotels, to super luxury resorts. In larger cities like Cairo and Alexandria, competition means standards amongst the cheaper choices are likely to be better, although do be aware that what might be the norm for a 3-star hotel in Europe or the US may not be included here. In small towns the options will be a lot more limited. 

Most of the big international hotel chains can be found in the big cities, and if you're going for a higher-end option, we recommend going with the brands you know rather than the independent options, just so you know more or less what you'll be getting.

The Red Sea areas like Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are more catered to package tour visitors, and therefore accommodation is more likely to be up to your expected standards. They often offer all-inclusive packages, and as is often the case, booking well in advance or last minute usually provides the best deals.

If you're travelling as part of an inclusive package tour, your accommodation will be taken care of, and you'll often have the choice between a standard or luxury option depending on your budget. If you are planning an independent trip, have a look at our hotel deals via the following link:

Nile cruises

All-inclusive cruises are a popular way to see the sights of Egypt - particularly between Luxor and Aswan - from the comfort and luxury of a ship. Some tour packages include a few nights' cruise on the Nile as part of the experience; while some people prefer to book the experience independently, whether by motorboat or by felucca - traditional wooden sailboats.

If your cruise is part of your tour, the accommodation will be the same category as the hotels you stay in; if you're booking alone, it can vary wildly. Our transport guide includes advice on booking a Nile cruise independently.

Civitatis offers a range of tours that include a cruise on the Nile:​

Best areas to stay in

Obviously, if you're booked onto a package tour that includes accommodation, you won't need this section! Additionally, if you are planning to book guided day tours and excursions, hotel pick up and drop off is usually included, so again, the question of location isn't such a big deal.

If you are booking independently, you'll find that in cities like Luxor and Aswan, you won't need to worry too much about which area to choose for your accommodation, as they're relatively small and easy to find your way round by taxi, bike or walking.

In the big cities you will have a choice of districts in which to stay. In Cairo, the main choices are finding accommodation in the city centre - more expensive, but easier to get around - or staying near the Pyramids - way cheaper, and easy to see the sights of the Giza Plateau, but you will have to take a taxi or the metro to visit any of the city centre monuments.

Hostels in Egypt

If you're looking for a great deal on a hostel, which is often the cheapest way to find accommodation, then look no further than HostelWorld.