Transport in Egypt

Transport in Egypt

Planes, trains and automobiles: discover the best modes of transport to use to find your way around and between the cities, monuments and landmarks of Egypt.

Travelling between cities

If you're visiting Egypt on an inclusive package tour, you won't need to worry about travelling between Egypt's cities, unless you decide to take an independent excursion during your free time.

For independent travellers, there are several different ways to travel between the cities on your itinerary. The cheapest but slowest way to travel is via the train and bus network. Trains notoriously run several hours late, and government travel advice recommends being wary of bus journeys - particularly at night or if travelling alone. More expensive but safer is the option of hiring a private taxi and driver to take you between cities - while this may work out more economical if there's a group of you, do bear in mind that Egypt is a huge country and the drive between Cairo and Luxor, for example, is 8 hours direct without stops! The easiest and quickest option by far is flying between the major cities, which can be surprisingly cheap if booked in advance.

Check out short distance flights with Egypt Air via the following link. Top tip: if you select "Egypt" as your country of origin, the quoted prices are usually significantly cheaper!

Travelling around cities

The most hassle-free option is to reserve your English-language guided tours online. As these excursions include transport, they save you the effort of haggling prices with taxi drivers and attempting to understand public buses or the metro in Cairo.

At Civitatis, we have a wide range of tours and day trips on offer from the main tourist destinations in Egypt that include hotel pick up and drop off and detailed explanations about the monuments that you'll visit:



If you prefer to go it alone and explore the sights at your own pace, taxis are the most comfortable, reliable and quickest option, especially in areas where public transport doesn't reach. When taking taxis, we recommend agreeing a price with your driver before getting in the taxi. So you have a rough idea and don't get ripped off, many of our guides include cost estimates for taxi journeys to the main monuments and landmarks in Egypt.

As an alternative to guided tours and day trips, many people like to hire a taxi for a full day, agreeing a price for the driver to take them to certain monuments in a selected area, and wait while they explore. This can be a really good option if you get a good price and a friendly driver, but it is essential to set a cost for the trip in advance!


Caleches are the horse-drawn carriages that you'll see in cities like Luxor and Aswan. These are a fun way to experience the sights provided you're not in a hurry or on a budget, as they are slower and more expensive than taxis. You'll usually find them at the cruise port or other main transport arrival terminals near the monument complexes.


Feluccas are traditional wooden sailboats that cruise the Nile. They are a lovely, relaxing way to experience this important waterway and take in the views of the impressive sites that line its banks. Most start from Aswan to take advantage of the strong northerly current, and head up to Kom Ombo (two days, one night) and Edfu (three days, two nights). They aren't permitted to sail after 8 pm, so you'll be camping on the riverbank overnight. Be aware it can be cold, and the boats and camps are basic (think no toilets!). For a 6 - 8 person shared boat, you'll probably pay around at least LE150 per person per day, including food. As always, do be wary travelling alone.