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A land of contrasts encompassing breath-taking desert scenery, the majestic River Nile and awe-inspiring ancient world wonders, Egypt attracts millions of visitors each year, offering them a journey through history.

Why visit Egypt?

Considered the birthplace of civilisation, Egypt is a unique country: a destination full of magic and history that offers its visitors an unforgttable experience.

Immerse yourself in a passionate fusion of adventure, culture and mystery. Get swept away by the hustle and bustle of Cairo; lose yourself amongst colossal temples; scuba dive in the Red Sea; enjoy the peace of a cruise on the Nile and contemplate the majestic Pyramids, before treating yourself to delicious Egyptian cuisine.

Before travelling

When planning a trip to Egypt, the first decision to make is whether you want to travel there independently or go on an escorted tour. We'll help you decide with this handy guide about the pros and cons of both options.

Worried about travelling to Egypt?

If you'd like to visit Egypt but you're worried about it being dangerous, have a read of our top tips and travel safety advice guides.

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The best Egypt travel guide

This travel guide explains what others don't. Learn everything you could possibly need for your trip to Egypt: if it's safe, how to haggle, and how much you should pay for things, amongst much more. The guide is written simply - by travellers, for travellers.

The information and practical data found in this guide are correct as of October 2020. If you find any errors or see anything we need to change, please contact us.

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