Red Sea

Found in the Indian Ocean, between Asia and Africa, the Red Sea is a gift from nature: a paradise of clear waters, bathed in sun. That's why so many people each year choose it for their holidays.

Found to the south of the Sinai peninsula, the Red Sea is more than 2,200 kilometres long and over 300km wide. Many towns and cities sit along its banks, of which tourist hubs Hurghada and Sharm el Sheik.

The Red Sea is known worldwide for some of the most famous biblical scenes in history - such as when Moses separated the waters so his followers could pass unimpeded.

Great for Diving

Due to the consistent water temperature throughout the year, and with it being the warmest sea in the world, the Red Sea is home to many animal and plant species which can only be found here.

This great variety of aquatic life, the temperature between 20 and 40 degrees C year-round, and the excellent visibility mean it has become a popular place for diving and snorkelling