Its desert location tells us a lot about Egypt's climate: high temperatures and very little rainfall. Learn how hot and cold it gets, when it rains, and decide the best time to travel.

Summer in Egypt

During the summer months (May to October), Egypt is HOT. As you'd imagine, the climate varies slightly depending on where in the country you are. Coastal areas such as the northern Mediterranean region and places around the Red Sea are more humid, and the desert plains of inland Egypt are hot and dry with virtually no rain at all. 

During the day, average high temperatures are around 32 ºC (89.6 °F), while average lows are 23 °C (73.4 °F). The temperature at night drops significantly, potentially reaching as low as 7 °C (44.6 ºF) in inland desert areas. It very rarely rains.

Winter in Egypt

Between November to April, Egypt has a very mild winter. These months will see some rain, but not a lot, and mainly just concentrated on coastal areas. The average temperatures in January and February are between 9 ºC and 14 ºC (48.2 - 57.2 ºF). Again, night times will be cooler, and we'd definitely recommend bringing a jacket.

Best time to travel to Egypt

The shoulder months of March, April, October and November are usually warm but comfortable, certainly more bearable than the sweltering summer months. Highs are usually around 20 º C (68 ºF) and lows around 14 ºC (57.2 ºF).

We recommend going on tours and trips that start early in the morning, so you can make the most of the day before it gets too hot!